How do I know what chords to use to write a song?

Budding songwriter who wants to start writing your own songs? While some songwriters take a words-first, approach, many prefer to start with a chord progression to serve as the framework for the song and melody. So how do you know which chords to use in which order? Is there a formula for creating chord progressions?

How to understand scary guitar chords

Understanding guitar chords can hard because beyond the basics there are lots of long and complicated chord names. Exotic chord names strike fear into the hearts of guitar players (both beginners and intermediates alike) because they seem complex and difficult to understand. As it happens, demystifying complex guitar chords is not that hard, if you know how to decode them – so let’s cover some basics then move on to helping you decode.

Understanding Extended Chords

Following the previous post on guitar chord construction in this article we’ll look at chord exensions. Extended chords are often avoided by the self taught guitar player firstly as the names of chord extensions can be a little intimidating but more significantly, many find it difficult to understand just when and where these extended chords can be applied.