FREE guitar course launches: Supercharge Your Six String

It's taken longer than expected but today I'm launching my free course:

Supercharge Your Six String:

Rev up your guitar playing, accelerate your learning and find that spark again

Are you an intermediate guitar player who is "lost in the wilderness"?

Have you gotten to a point where you've entered a kind of learning wasteland of confusion, frustration and lack of motivation?

That sucks. I'd hate for you stop playing because you've fallen out of love with your guitar, cos it's a fricking awesome instrument

Most players in your situation just need a little structure, guidance and relevance in what to learn to get them back on track.

If you're ready to give it another shot, I'm pretty sure I can help move you forward using the successful methods I've used over the last 10 years to reinvigorate players just like you.

I promise to help you join the dots by teaching you the "in between the lines" guitar stuff that you just don't see much of online.

You can be a better player with the skills you have right now, you just need to join the dots.

Each video lesson solves common problems:

  • Sensible ways to find the time in your crazy schedule to practice    
  • Instantly achieve smoother/faster chord changes
  • Play pro sounding chord progressions with flair and extra detail
  • Stop unwanted string noise so only notes you want to hear ring out
  • Musical finger exercises so you don't drive people crazy when they hear you play
  • No-yawn music theory that you can actually use and understand
  • Advanced learning techniques for faster player development
  • Deep memory embedding methods for rapid absorption of new material