Get to know the sound of guitar intervals: 3rds, 4ths and 5ths

In this post I'll help your ears lock-in to some famous examples of the use of 3rds, 4ths and 5ths. (There's a free song list download below)

Guitar melodies, solos and rhythm guitar motifs are often harmonised to give a fuller and more interesting sound. These become more like hooks as they're so darn catchy too.

But how do you start to train your ears and  begin to "hear" and identify these successfully? Here I run you through categorised examples...

Don't want to write down all the famous song examples given here but want to check them out later?


Isn't an interval just the 15 minute break midway through a theatre play?

Yes but it's also the name in music theory for the "distance between the notes".

I'm not a massive fan of music theory jargon so you'll notice I don't mention the word "interval"  once in this video :)