Why your major barre chord has 6 notes when music theory says it should have 3

If you've read some music theory, you'll know that to build a major chord you need 3 notes: the first (or root), the third and the fifth. So why does your barre chord have 6 notes?

I struggled with this for quite a while. What I was reading about music theory just didn't tally with what was under my fingers. I thought learning music theory would help me understand but it just made me more confused.

It was only when I saw a similar comment on a blog today that I thought I should clear up the confusion. So here goes...

If you're still working on your chords, grab this vital download 17 Essential Root 4, 5 and 6 barre chords. (Root 4 means the root note of the chord is on the 4th string, Root 5 means it starts on the 5th string, Root 6.. er, well you get the idea)


Oh, also in this download I threw in a bunch of bonus chords that you can use to make your chord progressions sound more interesting and less obvious. Try swapping a few standard chords for one of these.

Dive deeper into music theory for guitarists read Where Should I start if I want to learn music theory.