Episode #1 Fly dates, broken toes, lost luggage

• Possible broken toe before tomorrow’s gig
• Why is my toothbrush in the gutter?
• First show goes well and dinner is the highlight
• How we controlled the venue space for a better show

Purple Haze All in My Plane! Shenanigans recorded during a series of tour dates 400 miles from home.This first episode was recorded during a series of "Fly dates" i.e. shows we have to travel to by plane.

Along the way we had some beautiful weather (it was NZ winter), met some very interesting locals and a guy at the rental car office who had never heard of Jimi Hendrix. (How is this even possible?)

At the time I wasn't sure I was making a podcast, but it turned out to be a pretty comprehensive document of the experience (pardon the pun).

Photos and video from this episode