Episode #2 How this Hendrix Tribute Show was born

Below is my favourite version of Jimi's take on Like A Rolling Stone from Winterland. It's definitely one of the lesser know versions (the most famous being its performance at Monterey) but for me its the best of everything.

Slow and purposeful with beautiful and tender melodic playing by Jimi, for me its a rare gem. (In the podcast I mistakenly refer to it as the afternoon show of Monterey).

Also mentioned this week is Kathy Etchingham's book Through Gypsy Eyes – an exceptional read for any Hendrix fans who like to get to know Jimi during his time in London. Kathy recounts stories from before, during and after Jimi's success.


In my opinion Kathy is angel of truth on Jimi's life being as she is the only one who lived with him from his modest arrival in England with one bag to his confirmed status as the greatest guitar player that ever lived.